Bountiful Crops

We take great care to study each plant before hand-painting them, ensuring that the fruits and veggies you’ll grow are as botanically accurate as possible. With over 80 crops to plant, your farm will be a true reflection of the wonderful variety of nature, showcasing all its stages, from budding flowers to ripe fruits.

Delicious Recipes

Appetizers, Main Dishes, Relishes and Desserts from all over the world can test your cooking skills, with each recipe having detailed ingredients. Many spices can be grown, so you can be sure your dishes have all the right ingredients to amaze both connoisseurs and casual foodies.

Fruitful Trees

From a spring bloom full of fragrance and ethereal colors to an autumn rich of ripeness, your trees will produce the sweetest fruits for juices, jams, jellies or pies.

Fun Animals

Chickens, Cows, Goats - all the lively staples of a bustling farm, without jumping the shark. Take good care of them, and they’ll reward you with farm-fresh, organic products amidst the joyful chaos.

Colorful Flowers

Crops are great, but what’s life in general without a touch of beauty? Add a splash of color to your farm or create amazing colorful patterns that will surely impress your visitors.

Refreshing Beverages

There are 11 deliciously detailed fresh lemonades to unlock, straight from a classic neighborhood lemonade stand. You’ll also discover a wide array of cold-pressed juices, all made on the spot by a massive juice press that adds a vitamin-rich, refreshing twist to your farm experience.

A Herbs Garden

Upgrade any dish with an explosion of flavor by growing your own herbs! The Herbs Garden can grow a wide variety of herbs and can be customized to your liking.

Abundant Gear Produce

Discover a treasure trove of crafting opportunities! Hundreds of farm-fresh, homemade produce and artisanal goods await your skillful hands to create.


Crops don’t magically transform into produce, but fear not, we have a wide array of Gear ready to assist you in turning them into delicious and creative items. Our Gear draws inspiration from the kind that our grandmothers had around their homes.


Manage employees, enhance their skills, and develop collaborations with customers for a long-term profitable business relationship. Except Frank. That man is bad for your coins.

Multiple Ways to Ship Your Produce

There’s no point in producing more than you need, if you don’t sell it for a nice profit.

In Bulk by Train

You can ship quite a lot of produce with the Train. If you fill it up completely, you’ll earn great bonuses and rewards.

Fulfill Orders

Earn the trust of your current customers to attract new ones and successfully fulfill their orders.

Free Market

Buy and sell directly from other players. Select your produce, adjust the price, then put it on sale!

Compete Against Other Farmers

Collect resources over a two-week period, then strategically deploy them during Competition Week to secure a lasting spot on the charts, earn Trophies, and unlock Chests.


Over 100 Achievements to earn, 7 Ribbons per Achievement.
Each ribbon rewards progressively bigger prizes.
Seriously, this takes years.


Discover new territories, repair old Gear, solve mysteries and be guided through the game’s beginning with over 100 Quests.

Numerous Decorations

Choose from a multitude of decorations to let your style and decorating talents shine on your farm. You’ll amaze others with your personalized touch, and many of these decorations can be customized to suit your preferences.

And Many More!

  • Play to Relax: Unwind with hundreds of hours of farming fun. Revel in the soothing daily routine of planting and harvesting your crops, complete with beautiful animations and calming sounds.
  • Play to Compete: Test your skills in Competitions, Achievements, Horse Racing, and Leaderboards. Earn permanent prizes, rewards, and showcase your public stats.
  • Farming Co-op: Collaborate with fellow players to achieve common goals. From sending Wedding Doves to weddings to participating in the all-new Market where you can exchange produce with others, teamwork is key.
  • Neighborly Gifts: Your Neighbors can send you valuable gifts, so the more neighbors, the faster you’ll progress.
  • Artwork: We focus on crafting beautiful in-game artwork rather than promotional materials, so what you see is what you get.
  • Interior Decoration: Personalize the interior of your Log Cabin in the woods.
  • Exploration: Venture into vast, picturesque landscapes to forage for mushrooms and edible roots.
  • Mining: Delve into the depths of The Mines to discover ores and riches.
  • Barn Management: Our Barn management offers unparalleled control with filtering options that help you maximize your results.
  • Accessibility: We’ve implemented numerous accessibility and convenience features, based on valuable feedback from our dedicated players over the years.